Moelleux aux amandes & mirabelles


Cette année, la mirabelle était la star de mes desserts de septembre. Je vous ai certainement raconté que les addictions chez moi sont assez régulières : passion figues de l’entrée au dessert, passion courge qui revient chaque année au mois d’octobre, ou encore passion ramen quand il s’agit d’aller au restaurant. Lire la suite de « Moelleux aux amandes & mirabelles »

Macaron Day

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Happy Macaron Day! Initiated by Pierre Hermé in Paris, it is a way to celebrate the first day of spring and supporting a good cause. Thanks to François Payard who brought this annual tradition since 2010, NYC is celebrating the day too with other pastries such as Epicerie Boulud or Bouchon Bakery. And if you want more than one macaron, a portion of the sales will be donated to City Harvest.

Free treats around NYC? Hopefully for once I have been working in the city and I am more than happy to enjoy what the city can offer for this gorgeous first day of spring. My first and only spot has been the head master of the day, FBP, François Payard Bakery in the Financial District. The passion fruit-chocolate ganache was delightful, even though it was less melting in the mouth than basic fruit macaron because of the chocolate that makes it more dense.

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Otherwise, if on a regular day, you are craving for a macaron, since Pierre Hermé has not moved to NYC yet, the classic Ladurée is still a good option. Go for the lemon, raspberry or even the surprising black liquorice.

Vendôme Macarons, sold at Saks Fifth Avenue and at the Brooklyn Winter Flea Market has a tasty pistachio macaron. However, I would not recommend tasting the strawberry and champagne one since it tasted almost the cough syrup you had when you were a kid.

So stop feeling guilty because you are savoring for the good cause.

And if you ever go to Paris, since I had a macaron-crawl last summer, I would definitely recommend running to Pierre Hermé and getting his classic flavors. He was indisputably the winner.

FPB (François Payard Bakery)
210 Murray St
New York
(212) 566-8300

First Post


It has been months since I was thinking about this blog, it’s time to dig in!

Writing the first page of a blog is like writing a diary, but you expect people to read it. It’s the scary part of it. Another blog you’d say? You mean another food blog? A foodie who pretends she can change the face of the (food) world? Maybe.

I guess I will just try to act like a tour guide.

I’ve always fought tourists who ended into the first random spot because of a lack of interest or no good advice. So please let me drive you around the big apple, so you won’t get lost. After a couple of months in NYC, I’ve tried 132 restaurants and bars in less than 160 days. Where did I spend the remaining days? Just headed to wine and food events!

So just be ready and enjoy your « food-crawl ».