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Food-crawl? I should maybe give a little explanation about the title of this blog. I got inspiration from the pub-crawl. For our friends overseas, it is the act of drinking in multiple bars in one night. I do it with restaurants, and started my first food-crawl in San Francisco in March 2012. Almost 10 spots in 1 day, to get the entire food experience for my last day in the Fog City.

The purpose of this blog is to track the best place for any specific item: the best burger, the best pizza, the best baguette (bien sûr…).

I had to make choice, and it is hard but I will try to be consistent though. I love food, so I will mostly talk about it; about my food discoveries during my trips, but I will probably derive from it.

And lastly, I should probably explain and be sorry about language mistakes to come. My English is not perfect and I apology, but I do believe in a universal language and love the idea that people from all over the world can read my blog.


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