Recipe of the day – Green Quinoa Tabouli

During summertime, making fresh salad is an easy, healthy meal you can prepare in the morning and store in the fridge while you are at the beach. The problem is that you often want to put too many ingredients that your salads look alike each other day after day. I have decided to make a tabouli, different from the Lebanese version, but using some of the basics. I make mine with quinoa or bulgur, both rich of fibers and proteins. The first time I made a green version, but you can always switch the cucumber for yellow bell peppers. Lire la suite de « Recipe of the day – Green Quinoa Tabouli »

Recipe of the day – Yellow bell pepper gazpacho


Having time, tools and a great kitchen is the perfect combination to cook again. On the road back from the beach, we drove by a farmer’s market. We bought so many produce the farmer could not believe we were only the two of us. We just did not bother explaining him we were on a diet after having tried all the burgers in NYC for a year. A full bag of sweet yellow bell peppers and 4 kinds of tomatoes suggested me to try to cook a gazpacho, this cold Spanish tomato soup is so refreshing for such a hot weather. I only adjusted the original recipe to a yellow bell pepper gazpacho.

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DIY – How to braid lavender

How to braid lavender

It is summer and I went back to France a month ago, starting my tour of France for vacation. A couple of nights in Paris did not let me the time to explore my city with new eyes yet. Going away and exploring my country was I think a much better way to start this new chapter. I spent my last two weeks in Provence, the other area but Paris tourists know. Life is really sweet over there, trying to figure out which fish you will put on the grill, which rosé wines to blind taste, how to tan when it is not too hot or how to swim a couple of minutes in the pool to remember you still have to work out.

Provence is the country of lavender, and you can smell the perfume everywhere. One of the many things my Mum taught me is how to braid lavender as a “doll” so you can keep if for years in your closet. Only some stores sell them in Provence, as they are made by hand in a traditional way.

So I made some, and detailed you the different steps to achieve one. Aren’t they pretty? So DIY and enjoy!