Madison Square Eats

This is the last week of the Mad. Sq. Eats that ends on May 31st. Head to this pop-up market open daily from 11am to 9pm. For once skip the line at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park and eat the best of the local food. 30 of the best and most popular NYC vendors offer their best food to new Yorkers for less than a month. Unfortunately I could not taste everything but I tried to make you a great selection.

Roberta’s: Just like the restaurant, but this time the Bushwick team comes to Manhattan with a selection of their best pizza. For $9, you have a smaller pizza than the original one, great to share for appetizer or just for one. The pizza is ready in 4 minutes, which means they must have pre-cooked the dough, but no-worries, they brought the brick oven and the Famous Original is almost as good as the one in Bk. For the full review of Roberta’s, click here.

Mexicue: this was probably one of my favourite food stands. The pulled pork sandwich is served on a bun with pickles and a spicy sauce that make the sandwich terrific! The mac-n-cheese is creamy with green chili that perfectly matches the cheese.


Arancini Bros.: Yes you are probably familiar with those fried rice balls that come from Sicily. It is easy to get too fat or tasteless ones. With their balls, they reached the perfect combination. The traditional ragu arancino will be a perfect start.

Red Hook Lobster Pound: I have been fascinated by lobster rolls since my trip to Boston where I had the best lobster roll at Neptune and I haven’t been able to find as good in NYC. Lobster, warm bitter in a roll has started being the new almost trendy combination in Paris. This lobster roll is not bad, it is just not my favourite one.

Sunday Gravy: slow braise of beef and pork, sausage and meatballs, simmered with plum tomatoes, garlic and basil. This ragu pasta looked absolutely delicious, and smelt really good. The flavour was just not as intense as I was expecting.

Dreamscoops: try the affogato for dessert. This shop serves your choice of ice cream in a cup topped with a shot of espresso made by the shop next door Third Rail Coffee. You get the sweet of the ice cream, the bitter of the coffee and a great coffee shake with it’s melted.


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