The Versatile Blogger Award


This is the first time my blog has been nominated for an award: The Versatile Blogger Award, and I would like to thank Oenophilogical. It made me really happy and it is great to see that your blog is actually red and sometimes even appreciated by other bloggers. The adventure started a couple of months ago, on January 22nd, 2013, and I could never believe I would have had people actually following me.

The rule is that now I have to nominate 15 bloggers I have recently followed. Here are my nominated:

The rules ask to share 7 things about ourselves…

1. I am French, but I have started drinking red wine and eating cheese in the US. Weird.
2. I am supposed to speak Italian since I spent a year in Rome, but I think I am losing a lot of it. And I totally lost my German since my last class in high school.
3. I love hosting people and I am able to set up a brunch in the night to be sure everything will be ready on time.
4. I am so scared of spiders I can do nightmares about it when I see one during the day… and I almost got a car accident because of one.
5. I’ve been in love with Michael Jackson since he died in 2009. I can listen to his songs every single day.
6. I hate the rain and can be either angry or depressed. Not easy when you are from Paris.
7. When I travel, the first thing I search for in a city guide is the food section.

Thank you again for your attention and I hope you will keep enjoying my food-crawls!


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