El Toro Blanco

toro-ddI tried…the new hot Mexican spot in Manhattan. Please remind me this experience next time I want to try a restaurant that just opened. It has been weeks I read about El Toro Blanco in West Village. I tried to make it once on a Thursday night. Packed, no table for 2 by 10pm and the bar is small so everyone is fighting to get a spot. A table booked one week later, the venue is pretty empty (is that because it’s Tuesday night, less than 20°F outside or because it’s already not trendy anymore?). Let’s have a drink? The $15 tequila shot kills our wish to celebrate our graduation day. The $12 guacamole is just good and comes with homemade (?) warm chips and three salsa fresca. The spiciest one looks like a mayo.

El Toro Blanco 1

Tacos are served; it was the only reasonable price on the menu, which is fine for me as I’m tracking NY tacos. Great presentation, but the white crumbs on the top scare me: cheese on a taco? The avocado and pineapple bites are so big they fall from the taco and I must eat them with a fork. I desperately try to catch the taste of the shrimp taco. Bland. The enchiladas soaking in melting cheese definitely convinced me we are at a Tex-Mex restaurant.

El Toro Blanco 2

El Toro Blanco 3

Yes it is trendy. Yes the decoration is nice. Yes we are in West Village. But next time I will just go to a tacos truck.

257 6th Avenue, B/T Bleecker and Houston Streets,
New York, NY 10014
(212) 645-0193


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