East Village, Saturday afternoon. I am cold and I just want a coffee. I (almost) go randomly to the first coffee shop on my way and get surprised by this venue. At the first sight, it looks really small and packed, with only a narrow hall that makes you pass almost in the kitchen. Follow it and you won’t be disappointed. Outside in the backyard, there is more room; it’s still warm despite the freezing temperature outside. Price are more than reasonable, cappuccino foam nicely thick, chai latte way to sweet though.


Surrounded by a bold guy with a mustache, dudes with plaid shirts and bobble hats, I probably found the favorite spot for hipsters in the EV.

Hundred Acres


It is cold in NYC, very cold, like 15F (or -10°C for our non US friends). But the light is bright and warm us, and tracking THE new brunch make us face the cold weather, even if I have to loose one hand because it’s frozen.

After my bad experience at “the” new hot spot in Manhattan, I prefer trying one of the best 2012 brunches from last year.

Thanks to Open Table, I hopefully skip the 45 minute line to get the precious table. One of the waitress sulks, I don’t care she is not in charge of our table. Some hipsters at the bar, mostly preppies in the venue. This is not excessively expensive, good with a (small) bunch of friends, or apparently good for dates too as the nice couple seated at the table next to us is experiencing one. Fresh squeezed orange juice, great selection of teas and cocktails (I guess they are known for their Bloody Mary’s).


Everything looks delicious on the menu. I keep looking at everybody else plate and the scrambled eggs are actually a good choice. Cooked with mushrooms, they melt in the mouth and the scallions give them a very distinctive taste. The corn bread is a bit dry but good though.


The pancakes are for once thinner and lighter than usual, and the caramelized apples and the pecan butter finish up the dish perfectly.

Should you go? Definitely!
Any recommendation? Book a table before showing up! It’s packed.

38 MacDougal St
New York, NY
(212) 475-7500

El Toro Blanco

toro-ddI tried…the new hot Mexican spot in Manhattan. Please remind me this experience next time I want to try a restaurant that just opened. It has been weeks I read about El Toro Blanco in West Village. I tried to make it once on a Thursday night. Packed, no table for 2 by 10pm and the bar is small so everyone is fighting to get a spot. A table booked one week later, the venue is pretty empty (is that because it’s Tuesday night, less than 20°F outside or because it’s already not trendy anymore?). Let’s have a drink? The $15 tequila shot kills our wish to celebrate our graduation day. The $12 guacamole is just good and comes with homemade (?) warm chips and three salsa fresca. The spiciest one looks like a mayo.

El Toro Blanco 1

Tacos are served; it was the only reasonable price on the menu, which is fine for me as I’m tracking NY tacos. Great presentation, but the white crumbs on the top scare me: cheese on a taco? The avocado and pineapple bites are so big they fall from the taco and I must eat them with a fork. I desperately try to catch the taste of the shrimp taco. Bland. The enchiladas soaking in melting cheese definitely convinced me we are at a Tex-Mex restaurant.

El Toro Blanco 2

El Toro Blanco 3

Yes it is trendy. Yes the decoration is nice. Yes we are in West Village. But next time I will just go to a tacos truck.

257 6th Avenue, B/T Bleecker and Houston Streets,
New York, NY 10014
(212) 645-0193

Pumpkin addict

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Pumkin=fall? Not for me!

I have to say, I love pumpkin. Since last year in North Carolina where my friends made my try the pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, the pumpkin bread, the pumpkin chaï latte at the only local bar in Greenville, the pumpkin ravioli at the best Italian deli in San Francisco, I’ve become pumpkin addict. This fall, I had a challenge for myself. Eat/drink/absorbe pumpkin at least once a day until Halloween. This led to a competition to seek for any potential squash. Starbucks didn’t help me that much when they ran out of fake pumpkin latte. I tried pumpkin in so many different ways, it was insane.

I was also in the mood to cook. Here is a slideshow of my best creative recipes.The last one was a pumkin bread I baked a couple of days ago, yummy!

Sweet break in Yorkville


Deux petits coqs rouges, their old-fashioned label. This pastry shop is simply one of the best places I have tried in NY. Located in Yorkville, it’s tiny, not so kitch, more countryside. Come early in the morning to get an almond-sherry scone or any of their muffin. I’m craving to get another warm cinnamon roll. The cheesecake, not always available, is terrific. I would even say the second best cheesecake in NYC, and I’ve been tracking them for a long time.


2 Little Red Hens
1652 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10028
(212) 452-0476

First Post


It has been months since I was thinking about this blog, it’s time to dig in!

Writing the first page of a blog is like writing a diary, but you expect people to read it. It’s the scary part of it. Another blog you’d say? You mean another food blog? A foodie who pretends she can change the face of the (food) world? Maybe.

I guess I will just try to act like a tour guide.

I’ve always fought tourists who ended into the first random spot because of a lack of interest or no good advice. So please let me drive you around the big apple, so you won’t get lost. After a couple of months in NYC, I’ve tried 132 restaurants and bars in less than 160 days. Where did I spend the remaining days? Just headed to wine and food events!

So just be ready and enjoy your « food-crawl ».

La galette des rois – un classique à la frangipane

Ce ne sera sûrement pas la première recette de galette des rois que vous allez découvrir sur la toile, mais après tout il nous reste encore 10 jours pour déguster le traditionnel dessert de l’épiphanie. Donc pour la première fois, j’ai décidé moi aussi de me lancer dans la réalisation de ce classique. Après avoir découvert des galettes des rois originales, comme celle aux framboises-pistaches de La Gourmandise selon Angie, celle à la frangipane de noisettes de Chocociframboise ou encore celle à la crème de marrons de Lili’s Kook, je me décide pourtant à suivre la recette traditionnelle pour ce premier essai. Je réalise donc une frangipane, inspirée de la recette de Cyril Lignac pour la crème pâtissière. En revanche j’ai suivi la recette de la galette des rois de Marmiton pour la crème d’amande. Celle de Cyril me semblait bien trop grasse par rapport à celle-ci réalisée la semaine précédente. Pour la technique, j’ai suivi la vidéo de L’Atelier des Chefs, particulièrement bien expliquée et facile à réaliser. Lire la suite de « La galette des rois – un classique à la frangipane »

Bonne année 2014

Après deux semaines de silence suite aux fêtes de fin d’année, il est temps pour moi de vous souhaiter mes meilleurs vœux pour cette nouvelle année. 2013 fut riche en découvertes culinaires, et marquait notamment la naissance de mon blog urban food-crawl. Après des débuts difficiles, du travail, mais tout de même quelques 10 208 visiteurs, cette année a été une révélation sur le plan gastronomique. Grâce à votre soutien je continue cette belle aventure. Lire la suite de « Bonne année 2014 »